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Child Study Team Evaluation

Dr. Willems works directly with school districts as a member of the child study team. She provides the medical component of the evaluation if contracted by the school.  This includes a detailed history with families, questionnaires completed by parents and educators,  neurological examination, developmental testing, review of testing completed by the school district, a formal diagnosis that could support an Individual Education Plan, and further recommendations.

Please bring all available pertinent prior evaluations to the appointment, including: 

  • IEP (individual education plan)

  • School evaluations (especially IQ, Academic, Language/ST, and OT/PT evaluations)

  • Report cards

  • Medical reports (neurology, psychiatry, cardiology)

  • Early Intervention and Intermediate Unit evaluations

  • Genetics testing results

  • MRI of the head report

  • Evaluations from outpatient OT/PT/ST and audiology.  

  • Progress notes from educators

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