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Due to the complexity of developmental concerns, it takes time to diagnose a child and formulate a treatment plan. A visit can last a few hours and includes review of medical and educational records, an in depth interview with parents, developmental testing, parent feedback conference, and a comprehensive report.  Parents will usually have the opportunity to speak directly with Dr. Willems without their child present in the room. Parents and teachers will be asked to complete forms and questionnaires prior to the visit. Parents will leave the appointment with answers including their child’s developmental level, learning style, other contributing or confounding factors, and a treatment plan. The treatment plan may include educational recommendations, referrals to other providers, further diagnostic testing, and medication recommendations if warranted. 

Please bring all available pertinent prior evaluations to the appointment, including: 

  • IEP (individual education plan)

  • School evaluations (especially IQ, Academic, Language/ST, and OT/PT evaluations)

  • Report cards

  • Medical reports (neurology, psychiatry, cardiology)

  • Early Intervention and Intermediate Unit evaluations

  • Genetics testing results

  • MRI of the head report

  • Evaluations from outpatient OT/PT/ST and audiology. 

  • Progress notes from educators

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