Bucks Develpemntal Pediatrics
Comprehensive evaluations and personalized care are the hallmarks of my practice. A diagnosis does not define your child, it provides a roadmap for solutions. My goal is to help parents understand their child’s developmental strengths and challenges more deeply within the context of their lives.
 Michele Willems MD FAAP


Bucks Developmental Pediatrics is an intimate private practice for children with developmental challenges. We are located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, also serving New Jersey. We pride ourselves on comprehensive and compassionate care for children with developmental needs and their families. 

What is Developmental Pediatrics 

A developmental pediatrician is a pediatric physician with specialized training and expertise in child development. Diagnoses typically seen in a developmental practice can include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disability, anxiety, autism, genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, dysgraphia, hypotonia, sleep or eating issues, or language disorders.


A developmental pediatrician can perform a physical exam, administer neurodevelopment testing, interpret the result of evaluations from other disciplines (psychology, OT, PT, ST), and determine possibility of an underlying medical condition. A developmental pediatrician can provide prescriptions for therapeutic modalities, further diagnostic testing, and/or medication.  Recommendations are made within the context of community and family. Developmental pediatricians often act as liaisons between educators, primary care physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Due to the complexity of developmental issues, a child is usually followed long-term by a developmental pediatrician.


Anytime there is a concern regarding your child’s development! Parents have great insight into their child’s developmental skills and are best at determining the need for a developmental evaluation. A recommendation for an evaluation could also come from primary care physicians or other medical care providers, educators, psychologists, or occupational/physical/speech therapists. Concerns could include, and are not limited to:
Attention or focusing issues
    Easy distractibility
    High activity level
    Poor organizational skills
    Frequently losing items
    Forgetting to hand in assignments
    Learning issues in reading, spelling, math, or writing
    Difficulty retaining previously taught academic material
    Struggles with social skills
Delays in acquiring language milestones
    Delays in acquiring motor milestones or motor clumsiness
    Self-stimulatory behaviors
    Unusual manner of playing with toys
    Poor eye contact
    Sleep difficulties
    Unusual eating habits
    Emotional or behavioral issues
    Low or high muscle tone
    Toe walking
    Vocal or motor tics
    Sensory concerns
    Premature births
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Our Services


During each visit, your child will be assessed for developmental progress. Recommendations will be made regarding referrals to other services or medical providers, diagnostic testing, educational services, extracurricular/community opportunities. 

Child study
long term care




Dr. Willems is an out of network physician. She provides families with a billing sheet with diagnostic and procedural codes that families can submit to medical insurance providers and HSA/FSA for reimbursement (health savings accounts or flexible savings accounts).  Referrals are not required.  Payment in the form of cash, debit card or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) is expected at the time of the appointment. Please contact your medical insurance provider directly with questions pertaining to your out of network benefits and deductible.



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The office is located in the white cottages in Lexington Court, not the large office bldg.
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